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David Munson is an American fantasy author born in October of 1982 in 
Bountiful Utah. He graduated from Layton High School 
2001.  Later he went on to attend The University of Utah and Weber State University, both in Northern Utah.

David now lives and works on the western slope of Colorado with his four children. Ben, Alex, Emily, and Zach.
With the encouragement of friends and professors, David began creating the world of Ellspire. It all started with a sheet of paper and some colored pencils, and of course unrelenting imagination.   
David enjoys all kinds of fantasy writing and fantasy art. He is open to almost any form of fiction and loves a new adventure.  When his hours are not spent on writing they are devoted to geeking out over movies, board games, or the latest video games. 
David is mechanically minded and often can be found working in the garage on just about anything that can be taken apart and put back together.  
He also enjoys time spent with several different writing groups and encourages creative writing in any form. Imagination is a wonderful gift that needs to be cultivated and shared. 

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