Here you can find out what is new with the Karnation's Prophecy series and blog posts. 

Crash Philosophy 


I will be working on a new project thanks to Thomas Fowler, An interactive experience, web users will be able to choose a character and setting from two drop-down menus. Upon finishing their selection, the website will generate a story written by an author. And a few of these stories will be mine. The thought is there will be 10 characters and 10 scenarios leading to 100 different fictional possibilities. I am excited to be part of this, and I will keep giving any updates regarding this as things progress. 

Working with Jodi Cox on a new book cover.


I have been getting closer to the completion of book #2. So I have been working on ideas for the next book cover. I will be asking peoples ideas when the time comes. 

Book two...


I am currently working on book two of Karnation's Prophecy. It is going well and I will have some updates to share very soon. I am also getting ready to give book number two a name. Stay tuned for updates concerning Tannis and Jadeance. 





Crash Philosophy

  • March 28th is when our kick starter event will close. This will be the last chance to become a backer and have the ability to make decisions on the final product. 

  • May 18th worldwide book release