• David Munson

Comic Con 2017

Had a great time at the Colorado Springs Comic Con this weekend. I was fortunate enough to share a booth with Jodi Cox, and Adriana Carlson. We had a great time talking books, comics, and life. I had such a great time chatting with these two ladies as we met with so many new and interesting people. Our booth did a great job of connecting with the fun people who came past our booth. Jodi did a great job with all of the amazing art that she had made, it brought in so many people who wanted to take a closer look. We had three books on display, the first was The Story Weaver Chronicles Penelope and The Hob King by Adriana Carlson. It is a book that is similar to The Brothers Grimm Tales. If you are interested in the old style fairy tales you really need to check this book out. It can be found on Amazon, look for the link below. The second book was Nether After by Jodi L Cox. This is a tale that centers around a young boy who looks for his missing mother in the Nether World as a necromancer. If you are into steampunk at all check this book out, it can also be found on Amazon. Finally we had my book, A New Awakening on display. I was able to get this book out into a lot of new hands, and I can't wait to hear what they have to say about it. If you haven't taken a moment to check my book out please look through my website here and see what it is all about. If you have a copy already, thank you for taking the time to dive into my world of Ellspire. If you have a copy please take a moment to give the book a review. I would really like to know what you thought of the story. Feel free to send me a message, or an email and let me know what you hope to see in book number two. I have a goal set of 60 reviews, it means a lot to me to get to that number of reviews, so please if you enjoyed the story follow the link to the story and let the next reader know what you thought.

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