• David Munson

November Fun

This November I will be focusing on a new project that is a creation of the super talented Thomas Fowler. Thomas is the marketing director for Spine Press and Post. He is setting up a very unique idea revolving around Ten Characters with Ten Scenarios leading to a Hundred different possible stories and outcomes. I will have the opportunity to provide a few of these. I will keep posting updates on this as new information comes. I have to thank Thomas for letting me take a part in this. I hope you will all take the time to check out all the work that Thomas has been doing, you can check out his page by clicking on the link here. Also check out Spine Press and Post to see their latest works.

I will also be taking some time to spotlight a fellow Author this month. I will be reading over Nether After by Jodi L Cox. I will be giving it a review and sharing my thoughts on it. I will also be working on the last bit of Book #2, giving it a title and beginning the grueling task of editing it all. Thanks for taking the time to see what I have going on, I will keep the updates coming.

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