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Crash Philosophy

I have been super busy for way too long. But things are starting to slow down and I am able to get out some updates. The first of them is very exciting, I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to write some stories for fellow author Thomas Fowler. Did you know that it has been YEARS since a choose your own adventure book has been published. I found that crazy, I remember reading choose your own adventure books all the time when I was younger. His plan was simple, lets put together a choose your own adventure book, and while we're at it let' give the old idea a new flair and a fun new look. The concept is ten characters put into ten settings. Giving you the ability to choose from one hundred different stories written by over two dozen different authors. This is a fun idea because not only are there different stories, but with so many different authors there are so many new points of view. This is a crazy fun idea giving you tons of short stories. So what was I able to write? Well If you pick the book up you will be able to read a story about a crazy clown in space! Let your mind run with that. The next story comes from the mindset of a human baby on his first adventure to school. The next one is a Kaiju on a space station, madness and mayhem abounds. Then there are two fun stories about the wonders of a Keytarist. Seriously this was a fun project to be able to take part in. Check out the website and take full advantage of all the great trailers Thomas has put together. If you enjoyed my book and want to see what I am capable of in a different setting, or perhaps you wanted to check out my book but fantasy just wasn't your thing, take a look and find out where you will crash. Do not fear I am hard at work on the next installment of Karnations Prophecy. Life has been hard and progress has been slow. Thank you

for all the fans and supporters!

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