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Day three has come and gone...

Well day three has been one for the books. We had crazy rain, bailing vendors, and slow moving crowds. I say crowds loosely. This was my second Con, and this event was the first to be held in Estas Park. Due to the location and to the overall size and promotion of the event the turnout was small. Having said that it was still tons of fun. The slower movement and easy going groups were more talkative and I was able to make tons of new connections. Most vendors were complaining of slow sales, and the large number of very talented vendors made competition high. Most booths were lucky to break even, and many just packed up their tables and left. This made for some crazy happenings. It was common during day three especially to see someone packing up their area and leaving. And just as fast someone else moving their displays to a better location. Tables full of things were being delicately balanced as they made there way down the rows of people. Despite this struggle spirits were overall happy and content. There were lots of fun costumes roaming about. As for me I was lucky, I had good sales throughout all three days. I had a goal to sell all the books that I brought, and sadly I fell short of that goal. However I did manage to sell all but two of my books. That did put me in the top percentage of vendors for sales and movement of goods. There were several other author tables and booths and I know that I got just as many books out if not more than some of the bigger names. That really made this experience great. More than that I was able to talk with and connect with so many new readers. For me the numbers are not about the money. I do want to pay for the books and be able to continue going to these events, but to me its all about getting my books out there to be read. I brought three boxes of books to the Con and only have two of the books to bring home. That is a great start, and it truly was fun to see people reacting to my work. Several of the books went to other vendors who took the slower numbers as an opportunity to read the book, and I was again flooded with praise and good recommendations. Several of them even referred other readers to my booth to see it for themselves. I heard more than once, "I saw that vendor over there reading your book so I thought I would come check it out." Many of my sales came from allowing people to take the book to a chair and read through the first chapter. This gave me several, "ok not you have me hooked." comments. So I learned a ton, made some great new friends, and hopefully found some new fans. I shared a booth with two other author friends of mine and a new friend that makes some of the most beautiful jewelry I have seen. We were a bit cramped but it was a lot of fun, and I can't wait to do it again next year. By biggest blunder was leaving behind ALL my new bookmarks that have a link right to my website. That was so frustrating! But it will be a reminder for next time I suppose. I am working hard and will have the next installment of Karnations Prophecy completed this year, so for any of you who are waiting, I am close! I am sorry it has taken me so long to get this next project finished. Life has been crazy. Here are the pictures I have from day three, and if you haven't taken the time to read my book yet please visit my website.

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