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A New Zepher Book 2

Ok, this is kind of misleading to anyone who is waiting for the next installment of my Karnation's Prophecy series. (Norma) but as you know if you did read the first book some edit issues were there. So we went through and made some changes, more like edits. During this we split book one into two separate books. So you get a brand new cover design still done by the incredibly talented Jodi Cox. And you get some new layout changes all whale keeping the original story. For anyone who has read the first book I did not take anything out, so the story did not change, however to split it I did add just a little. So if you get Book two for the cover and to have the updated series, you will have a few new things on the original story. As for what will now be book 3 I am getting close. I know I have been saying that for a long time, but I have had multiple new jobs, and lots of health problems. But I am making it a priority and have a goal of December for this to be finished. Jodi and I have already talked the cover and she will start soon, so it is getting closer. I am also taking my time to make certain that the next installment of this series is as good if not better than the first. So you will see Book 2 out on Amazon and I will be taking them both to any cons I sell at as this is now out! Also I am asking for some help. If you have read my story and enjoyed it, book 2 is going to need some reviews of its own. Also I have a goal of getting to 60 reviews for book one as well. So if you have read the book and haven't found time to give it a review please do so! It really helps to have those reviews. I will be updating my blog as I go along and we get closer to book 3 being released. Also my other work that can be found in Crash Philosophy is going to be out soon as well. When I have more time I will get you the details on that as I receive them. Thanks for all the feedback I have gotten and all the support! Let me know what you thing of the new cover!

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