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Day three, the Con overview

So I know that the Con is over and I am slow to get this out, does better late than never hold here? Day three went well, our table was fairly busy for most of the morning. This was fun because most of these people had promised to come back around at some point earlier in the Con. It was fun to see and talk to so many who were excited to make the last few buys before heading home. The excitement of it all faded into the afternoon unfortunately. By 2 o'clock the money had been spent, along with everyone's energy levels. Most of us were counting down the minuets to closing, mostly dreading the breakdown of the assembled booths. We got loaded up and by my best count I sold around 50 books, a really good number that I am happy with. With the feel of the event I had to drop prices to move that many so it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows, but I am hoping to have the beginnings of a fan base, people waiting for A New Curse to come out. I will keep at it, updates on an official relese date will be out soon.

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