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I have been getting some fan mail!

I have been getting some fan mail from my Website! It has been a really fun experience to get more feedback from people who are enjoying the book and want more. Because I am a sucker for old things, and because it is exciting to receive something tangible that you get to hold with your hands and read I am replying to all letters or emails sent to me with this old style letter. It is written on parchment paper and sealed with wax. I also like to include something extra in each one. For this young lady Rhonda, who I met at the Colorado Springs Comi-Con I have gotten her my full map also set on Parchment paper. If you haven't taken the chance to pick up the books now is a perfect time! I will be posting Rhonda's review she sent me to my website. If you want one of these fun little letters for yourself just log onto my website, go to the contact page and let me know what you thought of what you have read. Don't forget to leave your mailing address if you want a mailed reply! Thanks Rhonda for this latest feedback it is more fun than I can put into words to connect with people who enjoy my story.

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