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Grand Junction Comi-Con

Well it is time for my last Con of the year, yet this is going to be a big one for me. I have a booth to myself. It will be a new challenge, but also an opportunity for growth. Among my list of firsts, this weekend has a new showpiece in the way of a backstop. I have the full Ellspire map printed out to display this exciting world. (Shout out to Jodi Cox for her incredible artwork as she is the one who brought the world of Ellspire to life.) Also in the way of firsts, my son Ben is joining me behind the booth. Book one and book two of my Karnation's Prophecy series is on display. So if you are in the Grand Junction area come on down to the Two Rivers Convention Center and see our booth. Here are some pictures of us getting ready, more pictures are to follow as we launch my last Con of the year.

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