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Grand Junction Comic-Con 2018

Ok the day is over and I am sorry that I wasn't able to take more pictures. The day was crazy, unlike anything that I have ever been a part of before. It was fun to have my oldest son Ben their with me, lucky too as I ended up needing his help a ton. The event started slowly and Ben was loving being apart of his first ever Con. But It didn't take any time at all for the isles to get filled with people. The banner was a hit to say the least. I was initially worried about how we were going to do as this Con had more authors than any other event I have ever been to. There were author booths all over, and several of them had a lot more books to sell than I did. Case in point, the booth right next to us was a guy who had at least 20 different titles that he had written. But the wonders of Ellspire captivated people and our booth was full of commotion early. I want to take a quick moment to give a shout out to Jodi Cox who is the talent behind all the artwork I have. She made the map and all of my book covers and I highly recommend you visit her website I brought the same number of books to this event that I did to the Colorado Springs Con earlier this year, 60. That was a three day event, and I did good. But I still brought books home with me. Today was mind blowing, Ben learned how to take payments and he was busy pitching the books and taking payments as I signed book after book. It was a whirlwind and I had the opportunity to meet so many new and interesting people. If any of the wonderful people that I met today take the time to read this, thank you again for coming out and visiting with me. Ben had to leave just after lunchtime to make his football game, and with how busy we had been I was a little nervous for him to go. However I managed to sell completely out of Book One by the time it was time for him to leave. When he left all I had left was a handful of Book Two's left. That means by the early afternoon in one day I had outsold every other event I had ever attended. And in just a few hours, not a few days. Not only did I get to meet so many new people, but I made some new contacts that might lead to exciting things. I want to take another moment to thank the people at Comic Talk 616 for the interviews that they did with me. I am excited to meet with them again in the future, if you want to see and hear the interviews they can be found at Comictalk616.Com. So I suppose it is time to step my game up a bit and go bigger. Again thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my story, share it with a friend. If you haven't taken the chance to see what it is all about, now is a perfect time as there are now some 60 new readers out there. Here are the pictures I did manage to take before and after the rush.

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