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A New Book....

Ok, big news here. I have finished the next installment of my Karnations Prophecy series. I am now going through the editing process and my team of very talented friends are going to be working on the final steps. There will be a new book in 2019 and I think it is going to be the best one yet. More news to follow, but for now here is your first looks at A NEW CURSE. Let me know what you think, loving the feedback on the series so far. A big shout out to Jodi Cox for her art, this is going to be my first shirt design to promote the series. I will have them at my booths this year, pricing to follow. Let me know if you are interested! If you haven't taken the time to read my story yet visit my website, or look for them on Amazon. If you have read them and you like what you have read, pass this along and spread the word!

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