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Ogden Con 2019

The sun is up and the snow has gone and that means that it is time for another round of Cons. This year it will start off with another inaugural event. For anyone who missed the fist round, last year I started out the season in Estas Park and it was the first time they had ever had a Con. For most people involved it was a disaster. I was one of the lucky few, I sold every book that I brought, I may have had to offer a few discounts to make it happen but overall I came out on top.

So because I can't seem to avoid rolling the dice I am again headed to another first time Con. This time however it will be in a far more populated area and in a far better arena. As Utah Con's have historically been very large and well done so I have high hopes. So if anyone is in the northern area of Utah come in and myself, my oldest son Ben, and my friend Ryan. We will be at the Ogden Eccles Center all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This will be a fun weekend, a first time Con with Ben who will be at his first full Con and with the addition of Ryan we will be having a good time. Come see us and see what my world of Ellspire has to offer you!

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